You will often find that with a lot of online single communities, the focus is on dating. What really got me sold on the idea of Black Book of Sex was the fact that they made it clear it was all about getting erotic. It doesn’t mean that something will not develop, but for all intents and purposes, their major selling point was the fact that people joined because they wanted to get their rocks off. I’m a young man, and obviously, this is the perfect type of site for me! I don’t want to settle down and would much prefer enjoying my younger years as much as possible.

So with Black Book of Sex, you can message as many people as you want in the UK, but you should mainly focus on those that are near you geographically. I don’t live in the most busy area, but there were still about ten or so women that had been online in the last day on the site. I sent three messages that were appealing to me and surprisingly enough, all replied!

One date met me at a pub where we had a nice lunch and spent the afternoon walking around the park and getting to know one another. She eventually suggested we go back to her place so that she could cook me dinner, but I knew other things were on her mind.

Pretty much as soon as the door was closed, we bustled through to the bedroom and got our kits off. She had an even better body than I expected and begged me there and then to fuck her. Was I going to say no? I certainly don’t think so!

When I asked what she loved the most, doggy style was the answer. It’s my top choice too, so I must have spent about an hour behind that incredible body, giving her everything I had. Her clothing cabinet also had a mirror on it, so we were able to look at each other while it was all happening. Quite a unique twist that made the sex even better!

We did switch things up, but the night drew to a close and I had work early in the morning, so sadly I had to head home. Still, we’ve kept in touch ever since and have gone back to our dirty ways as well.