Are you bored with nights in watching EastEnders? Weeks where the Hoover gets more action than you do? Want to flirt, but feel frustrated? Then you could be one of the thousands of people, who are on a dating site looking for a ‘plus one’ to your romantic life… or in simple terms, an affair.

Affairs sound like such a dirty word (and not in a good way) but we understand that sometimes to make a relationship survive, you have to meet your needs elsewhere. Joining a dating website, whether it’s for erotic emails or hot hook-ups, can help you feel fulfilled.

If you feel the fire has gone out of your life; and you’re itching to flirt, kiss, and bite again then instead of repressing your feelings, Black Book of Sex can help you release them. And we all know there’s nothing like flash backs to incredible sex to make work (and that pile of dishes) seem so much easier to deal with.

We know that you love your partner, and that you may not be looking for someone serious, which is why Black Book of Sex could be the perfect dating site for you. People aren’t necessarily looking for love, or ‘the one’, just some fun and serious flirtation. Dating websites like Black Book of Sex can fill the gap of what you’re missing, without threatening your bond with your partner. You can still be a great partner, share in-jokes, laughs, and the odd movie night with your spouse, whilst getting the thrills you seek to add some much needed sparks to your romantic life.

Signing on isn’t tantamount to adultery either: putting your profile together and chatting to people online is a relatively safe way to ‘test the water’ about how you feel about affairs. The people you flirt with can live far away, know the score, and remain on the internet if you want them too. It’s far away from hitting on someone in your local pub, where everyone can see, and where you won’t have a chance to think through temptation.

Black Book of Sex gives you the anonymity you need to explore your sexual desires, whilst using a witty username. If you plan to keep your subscription wink-wink nudge-nudge then you can even avoid putting a picture up. Whilst we think that other subscribers will want to know what you look like, you can always mention in your profile that photos can be sent out selectively on request. You can even keep the flirting to your smart phone, and never bring it home.

Adult dating websites allow you to set the rules. If you think all you need to spice up your life is the knowledge that you’ve ‘still got it’, then they can be a great means to grab an ego boost from a sexy stranger. Or, who knows, you may meet someone in exactly the same position as you who wants no strings attached fun, with a good dollop of discretion. Either way there is a way to fulfil all of your desires and it’s called the Black Book of Sex.

Still unsure? Then maybe you could do something really wild, like have a chat to your partner about how you’re feeling. Who knows? They might feel a little urge to do something outrageous too and we’d love your partner to join too. The more the merrier.

And remember, the couple who plays together stays together.

Three bits of beginner’s bondage

Have you been singing along to Rihanna’s ‘S&M’? Chanting, ‘whips and chains excite me’? Ever imagined what it would be like to lose control, or be totally in control? Kind of squeal with delight when your boyfriend gets a little rough, or your girlfriend pins you down? Then you sound like you’ve been flirting with a bit of bondage for a while; but maybe you don’t know how to progress on from the occasional bit of biting and spanking? Luckily for you naughty girls and boys here are our top three first steps into s&m.

  1. Spank me: You may love screaming those words already, or have been secretly wanting to get your partner to bend over for some time. If so, start slow. Begin by just using your hands. Avoid any sensitive areas to begin with (genitals and kidneys are best left to people who already accurately know their pain threshold). Slap with your palm, and then quickly rub the area afterwards to soothe it. Build up the intensity to a level you and your partner feel comfortable with, and try to incorporate it with other sexual activities that you find pleasurable. If you both enjoy it then you can easily move onto household objects like towels, and hairbrushes, as an interim measure until you go paddle shopping.
  2. Bite me: Love bites may (or may not) be something that you left in the school playground, but these little nips can provide endless fun for adults too. If discretion is an issue (let’s face it, it just doesn’t look professional to rock up with a bruise on your neck) then address areas of the body that go unnoticed. If your partner likes to look (beneath their suit) like they belong to you, then leave love bites on their inner thighs on butt cheeks. If biting turns out to drive you wild then you can slowly move onto more sensitive areas of the body like the nipples… and if you keep screaming ‘harder’ invest in some nipple clamps.
  3. Restrain me: Restraints are a great way to introduce an element of play into your sex life. They can be soft and sensuous satin, combined with an eye mask, and lots of licking. Or they can be hard handcuffs that you want to fight against so much that the bed post rattles. Try moving up in increments from someone’s tie, to rope, to cuffs. If restraint turns out to be something that you love then it needn’t stop there either. Experiment with full bed bondage kits that strap you spread eagled (and pretty much defenceless to whatever your partner throws at you) by the wrists and ankles to your bed. Bored with ‘taking it lying down’? Then maybe experiment with door based harnesses that restrain you into vertical positions. Just a word to the wise: these things tend to rattle, so ensure you have understanding neighbours.