Your fingers nervously hover above the ‘submit’ button. Where will this journey take you? How will having a profile on Married Affair Finder change your life? Well things are about to get a lot more interesting…

From the moment of anticipation when you first contact that gorgeous stranger, to the second the hotel door swings shut; Married Affair Finder will take you on the adventure you’ve been waiting for.

It’s all so simple to start. Choose a sexy picture to upload and write a few words about what you want, to help you click with a person that’s a great match for you. Now the next time you’re bored at your desk you can forget flicking through Facebook, and research a far sexier and interesting group of people. Browse through galleries of beautiful, like minded people all searching for the same things you are: companionship, excitement, romance and pleasure.

See someone who stands out? Send them a quick flirty ice breaker message, ‘Hey I just saw your stunning profile and would love to talk more: I know already we’re going to have a lot in common.’ Shiver with delight as they respond time and time again. Get to know someone new, someone completely different, who can share your desires and your dreams.

Choose a date. Circle it in your diary. Imagine meeting them. Feel tingles of anticipation as you prepare for your first meeting. Wear your sexiest lingerie, try out new aftershave, feel butterflies explode in your stomach in a way that they haven’t for far too long. Experience that giddy rush of stepping into the dim lit bar not knowing what to expect. Smile: they look amazing. Drink champagne and eat indulgent chocolate desserts: have the joie de vivre of 21 again.

Before you know it, they lean in. Their cheek grazes yours, your lips touch, and your heart skips a beat. You lead them to the hotel room, and push them onto the bed. Your life is in full colour again.

Unforgettable night.

You head back to work the next day, your head spinning. You can’t get that amazing evening out of your mind, you feel so alive. You check your Married Affair Finder inbox:

‘It was amazing meeting you. We need to do that again….’